Meranda and Alex Engagement | Makua Tidepools | Oahu Photographer

Meranda’s mom Shannon took me aside one afternoon and told me her daughter was getting proposed to that weekend and after “he puts a ring on it” could I take their engagement photos and of course I obliged. Meranda and Alex are the sweetest young newlywed on the planet. They didn’t have a prefenrce for the location other than they wanted the west side of Oahu so I told them to meet me at Makua Tidepools as it never disappoints with amazing sunsets and often times rainbows.

Since the photoshoot was just days after the proposal we didnt have a time for a typical consultation so when they arrived for the photoshoot we met for the first time. Normally people are a bit tense and nervous at at the beginning of a photo session and it takes awhile to warm up to the camera. Not for these two lovebirds. I barely had a chance to give them my first que and they were kissing and holding hands and basically being the most madly in love couple on earth. Made my job super duper easy. Oh, and yep, we got a rainbow.